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10% off for Members all year long on all goods!

At Pinehurst Golf Club, we aim to provide the most cost effective equipment and merchandise to our customers and members. We have a wide-variety of items, including products from companies such as, Callaway, Titleist, Cobra, Puma, Footjoy, Tour Edge, Under Armour, Superstroke, Golf Pride and Strata. If we do not have your particular brand, we are able to make custom orders with no upcharge. Included in those brands are shoes, gloves, towels, clothing, golf balls, bags, hats, divot tools, logo balls, hat clips, winter and rain gloves, winter hats, and tees.
Perhaps the most popular area of our shop involves buying and installing grips. Need a new grip real quick? Pick one out and we will have it done in 5 minutes(unless you come in at 4:45pm on a league night, then do not ask!) :-). A full set of grips may take a couple hours and we may need to order what you want, but they will get done better and cheaper than anywhere else.
The phrase we hear the most is, “it does not matter what clubs I use.” Keep thinking that! My favorite phrase is, “you can only be as good as the equipment you have.” Phil Mickleson is not hitting a miraculous flop shot with a Pitching Wedge!! Do your self a favor, buy a Sand or Lob Wedge! Rory McIlroy is not hitting 350 yard drives with a Regular Flex driver and a junk golf ball! Do yourself a favor, get your swing checked out with Ryan, he will guide you in the right direction.
Equipment matters, buy a driver, bag, wedge, putter, or whatever  from us and we will sit down and have a beer with you and talk to you all about it. Can you get that type of service at Dicks? No, and we might even buy the beer!
Don’t forget about our Demo Day with Callaway! Big Discounts, on that particular day, usually takes place in the middle of May. Check the shop for a date.

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